Domain Controllers

Domain Controller is a perception and approved access to many computer resources with the use of only single password and user name. Domain Controllers are used for security authentication request such as permission checking, logging in etc. Windows NT employs the thought of a domain to supervise access to a set of network possessions such as different type of applications, and printers. The user only log into the domain to get access to dissimilar resources which may be situated on different servers in a network. on any windows server system a domain controller is a server that act in response to security because domain controller are the central to the security and secured a network highly including all devices. PDC and BDC are tasks that can be conveyed to a server in a network that make use of the operating system of Windows NT. A domain controller performs the following task

  • The domain controller is the custodian of the system and that the safety of all the systems in the domain depends upon sheltering the Domain Controller glowing.
  • The security of the network is reliant on physically securing and cautiously sustaining the domain controller.
  • Secure the Domain Controller according to the commendation by Microsoft for a domain controller.
  • The functionality of domain controller is unsuited with some other functions such as mail client, ftp server, web server, mail server etc. which may cause to increase the menace of negotiation to an improper level.
  • Strictly confine the access to the Domain Controller from the Internet and the superfluous component of a network.

Windows NT

In Windows NT domain controller for each domain configured as the primary domain controller and all other was backup domain controllers which substantiate the users in a domain, and all domains could only be made through primary domain controller, which would then broadcast these modifications to all Backup Domain Controllers in the domain. If the primary domain controller is incapable to communicate with the user appealing the change then update would not succeed. If the primary domain controller eternally not obtainable a presented backup domain controller could be supported to primary domain controller.

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 initiated “AD” called Active Directory which mainly eradicated the idea of primary and backup domain controllers in support of multi-master duplication.

There are lots of roles performed by domain controller as under

Flexible single master operation roles

If the server acting one of these tasks is vanished the domain can still function, and if the server will not be accessible once more, an administrator can allocate an exchange Domain Controller to imagine the role which is a procedure known as “seizing” the role.

Active Directory server roles

Those computers that function as server contained by a domain can have one of two roles member server or domain controller. Member server or domain controller is a server on a Windows NT network and Microsoft Windows that is answerable for permitting host access to Windows domain resources. For network functionality the domain controller are the centerpiece of any active directory service which can store information about user account, substantiate users and imposes security policy for a window domain.

Disadvantages of Domain Controller

The domain controller has lots of advantages but has some disadvantages such as followings

  • The cost of infrastructure is very big therefore it is not affordable for individually.
  • If you are thinking about a network than before starting it good planning is must for better result.
  • For a single user it is very tough to understand the complex structure of domain controller.

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