Disadvantages of Fiber Optics

The following are some major disadvantages of Fiber Optics that we discussed below in detail.


The first and the most common disadvantage of Fiber Optics is that it is very expensive to deploy. With the increase demand of preferring fiber optic cables there will be a drop-off in price. But still it is not affordable to use at length only the segment of total is mad u of fiber optic to give some support to the output.

Fiber optic itself is expensive no matter but the big problem is that its deployment is also very costly. The connectors and other components are not cost effective and therefore prevent from being installed at large scale.


Another important issue in using Fiber Optics cables is its deployment. Only a techie could make it possible to deploy the fiber optic cables. A person must be highly proficient about the field of Fiber Optics. There are complications posed by the deployment of Fiber Optic cables in the form of NICs which can be handled by only a technical staff. If you are going for the Fiber Optics network you are suggested to call a techie.

Environmental Factor

Environment is very important as it plays negative role on Fiber Optic networks. It effects the quality of Fiber Optics cables and damage by the bad weather so in the long run they are not tend to reliable. It is necessary to protect them from weather effects by placing them in appropriate place preferably interior environment is suitable than open air.

Connectors Problem

It happens that after a long time the connectors of the Fiber Optics cable start losing. This is not the situation in caps of other types of cabling. As they start losing so is the function of cable as there is more probability of losing data while it travels through the cable.


Fiber Optics cables are weak in nature as they are making of glass. There are more chances of breakage if misuse or put it somewhere at the insecure place. The parts where connectors are attached are more probable to break while place in unsafe area. Therefore mostly they are used in close environment especially in-side enclosures or in the walls.

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