Corporate Intranet

Hearing first time the word ‘intranet’ seemed that it was pronounced wrongly. The correct world is internet but then it dawns that the world is right and quite similar to internet yet different. Intranet is the amalgam of network and internet. Intranet is used in a closed network of an organization. Here comes the utility of not only networking but also connectivity to the internet. The most important thing is that a corporate is organized through this intranet.

Many companies are growing on comparatively at a larger scale hence need a mode to communicate with different departments and offices. Corporate Intranet is designed to provide one platform to gather at this after regular intervals. Although different departments of a company were corresponded to each other through mailing on internet yet they need a private environment in which only business related activities can be monitored. Concept of corporate intranet revolutionized the business world.

A number of employees, peaceful environment, ease of coordination, browsing for new trends and discussing upcoming events and difficulties call for the need of corporate intranet. There should be a network in which only work groups are allowed to share company’s reports and data and also able to communicate through corporate internet for quick updates.

A visible benefit of corporate intranet is that there is no need of printing and documentation so less use of office stationary. Now you can inform the employees about the next step through this medium and get feedback in the same manner. Saving the time is another positive feature of corporate intranet. Monthly or weekly newsletter of the company provide you better opportunity to take a quick decision making step. This enables you to meet the demand of prospect customers.

Gist of all the above said detail is that corporate intranet is a virtual design able to use internet in a private network. An intranet structure helps the corporate in many different ways like it is easy to design the only thing need is a consistent and direct approach to the basics. A person who is going to design corporate intranet should have extensive knowledge of the structure of a corporate. Economical intranet framework and provide one platform to the participating systems. It saves time and, sends and receives important information in time for better decision making. Corporate intranet helps in the coordination among staff and management on regular time intervals for better understanding of different matters.

No doubt corporate intranet is beneficial in many ways, this system is not totally flaw-free. Check on using internet is irritating among employees. Managers feel constant threat from the lower body. Collaborative behavior also commences jealousy.

Designing Corporate Intranet

So far designing a corporate intranet concerned few points should be considered as a basic infrastructure on which the actual building has to stand. The infrastructure is based on a closed network, internet. When all the employees are connected through networking in one group and sharing same internet protocol then corporate intranet designed. With the help of this intranet a corporate starts sharing one platform. Managing the different departments of corporate in a harmonized way so it should be user-friendly and this is the most important feature of corporate intranet design. A company with many branches in different cities can design this corporate intranet for it convenience and rapid development so that the company prosper by leaps and bounds.

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