Computer network Security

Computer network + Security = safe and sound Data

Computer networking is the interconnectivity of two or more than two PCs in any environment. It enables to share files, resource sharing i.e. printers, fax, and storage devices etc. Where sharing / networking of many computers are useful there are chances of rising security issue. There is need to build such network which is security enabled from malwares to protect important data.

It is an indubitable truth that placing everything in front will cause threat of robbery. So it is necessary to take precautionary measurements to avoid the loss of important data. There are many possible ways through which a computer network is attacked. These could be an internet access point or modems with dial-up connectivity. Here are some lines of attack you have to notice for securing your network.

Installation of anti-virus software is very important for securing computer network. If one computer is affected with virus it will destroy the whole computer network by just switching on the computers in one network. Many folks are unaware that updating to the software new version is needed as there is possibility of new virus attack. An effective antivirus program is likely to be upgraded at time automatically. Also there is option that the computer is manually compromised so latest version of antivirus should be manually installed.

Every layman is aware of the term firewall whether they know about it or ignorant that what actually is this. Still keep this thing in mind that it protects your computer from an intruder. So enable firewall in your computer. Firewall is a software tool that prevents an unauthorized access to a specific machine within a computer network. Notice that your firewall is in running condition. It’s the best possible way to secure your computer network as this is an inbuilt program in windows.

Administrator of windows should not be accessible to everyone. For the installation of other programs like games are better to install in guest account. This step will secure the administrative account and in case windows crash down it can be restore into early restore point. Securing the administrator with restriction will lessen the security threats.

Spyware programs are manually operated and should be regularized. For its application it is necessary to stop other work and launch this program to find any expected intruder. If a computer network is not security enabled it could be hacked by spy and you could lose secret data which you do not want to reveal. It is better that this spyware program starts working automatically at regular intervals. Best time is when computer is not in anyone’s use and spyware completes its work in those hours.

Update operating system because it is also very important issue. It enables the Operating system to safeguard itself against the trespasser.

Denial of service acts as a pit for a computer network. It has become the part of past anecdote. Use of the latest security patch, running the server within a specific capacity, and use of effective anti-virus to filter unnecessary information can secure your computer network while you are transferring data from one system to the other.

An unauthorized access to computer play havoc upon your network system in the form of destroying important files, programs once accessed. It comes in the form of illicit command to execute the undesired function. Secrecy falls foul of in the hands of malicious person who could harm you by deleting the important information from your system.

Raid system can be adopted to get data redundancy so if there is the possibility of the loss of important information it could be restored. It prevents the probability of data loss.

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