Campus Area Network – CAN

A campus area network known as (CAN) is used to inter-connect networks in limited geographical locality like university campus, military bases, or organizational campuses etc. It can be taken as the metropolitan network that has the specific settings at the small area just like a computer lab in the university.

CAN (Campus Area Network) area is no doubt larger than a local area network but it is still smaller then a wide area network. These networks are designed for the particular place that hits the highest point level. For example, multiple labs, multiple offices in the buildings etc. most of the time, this term is referred as the university campus but when it is used at organizational level, we call it corporate campus network.

As we have discussed above it is smaller than a wide area network and multiple Local Area Network (LAN) combines in one organization or regions to make a Campus Area Network (CAN). Therefore, whenever some one tells you about the networks within the specific area, you can easily guess that it is campus network.

Infrastructure of CAN (Campus Area Network)

In this kind of networking, the same technology along with the hardware is used in different buildings of one campus or one corporation. They follow the same terminologies like the local area networks but the difference is that they are interconnected between the multiple buildings at the particular location. Just imagine a university campus in which you have multiple departments such as information technology, electronics, mass communication and fine arts etc and in all these departments computer labs, they have implemented the same infra -structure of hardware and other technologies using the Local area network as the main tool, and one message sent by one department can be accessed by the other department, then we say that the network is following the techniques of Campus Area Network (CAN) .

Same is the case with the corporation or organizations which have different departments in one locality and these departments can communicate with each other using the communication medium of CAN (Campus Area Network). In Campus Area Networking (CAN) system the same type of hardware means that routers, switches, hubs, cabling and even wireless connection points are same in the multiple buildings. We can say that theses all networking resources are owned by the same organization. If we talk about the internet connection companies, we see that one university uses the same connection for all of its departments. In CAN (Campus Area Network), just like the internet connection, one company has dealings with the entire organization.

How CAN (Campus Area Networks) Work, Uses of CAN
As we know that universities are the best example of this type of interconnection hence, different blocks of universities such as administrative office, educational departments, staff rooms, gymnasium, common room, hostels and conference halls when connected with each other combine to form the CAN (Campus Area Network). In most cases, corporate campuses are connected through the wireless communication mediums rather than cabling and wirings because they are more economical to use as compare to the long wiring and cabling. Organizations do follow this strategy because they always try to maintain the best outcome by investing less and with the wireless communication throughout their building offices, they can manage their budget that they may be spending on the wiring, hubs, switches etc. they can perform the same task by only connecting one or two devices at their main office and providing signals to other departments which they can use without any difficulty.

Campus Area networks (CAN) are economical, beneficial and easy to implement in the specific kilometers of locality. It is very helpful for the universities and other corporate organizations to work from any block and receive the same speed of data transfer.

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