Broadband Comparison

If we do the broadband comparison with conventional ISPs then we can see that they were providing their services through dial-up connection which supports up to 64kbps (64 kilobit per second which is equal to 8 kilo bytes per second) of data. Drastically contrasted to this, activist ISPs are offering broadband connectivity which starts from 56 kbps of initial data transfer rate. You can see and feel the difference. Previously you were able transferring the data maximum of 56 kilobits per second but now your limit is free from all boundaries. Dial-up users know very well that if they need to download huge data they can’t hope to have their way so and so. It’s an unpalatable truth that you can’t access your data through dial-up connection, if your data is acceding to 56 kbps.

Brief Comparison of Broadband

Now read about the comparison between three broadband internet providers. DSL availability is very easy as it depends on the phone line. So you can access broadband through your area phone company. Broadband is also slightly faster than dial-up. It increases your download speed, if there are any mails with photographs. Rich animated websites or bulky web pages will take little time to download. But still broadband has some limitations. Next option is of cable broadband internet which is totally independent and just sharing your television cable. You can get both cable TV and internet through one cable and it costs you cheaper. The charges are dependent on the speed you are receiving. Broadband speed varies from 1500 kbps to 6500 kbps so is the cost.

Last but not the least broadband internet over fiber optic is the fastest medium of all and is literally a broadband service provider because it works through fiber optic glass cable which enables the data travel through light source. So it speeds up not only its connectivity to the internet but also the downloading of bulky mails, rich graphic websites and videos.

Types of Broadband

There are different types of broadband like DSL, cable and satellite. If you go for the comparison between above mentioned three connections which are providing broadband internet you would need to know the difference. This difference comes in three forms as cost, speed, and downloadable data. If you are paying higher, you will get higher speed and would be able to download huge data. If you pay low the speed will be comparatively slow so the download speed will.

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