WiMAX Availability Problem

WiMAX deployments will use licensed Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum, positively granting them some degree of protection from unintentional interference. It is reasonably simple, however, for an attacker to use readily available tools to jam the spectrum for all planned WiMAX deployments. In addition to physical layer Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, an attacker can use legacy management frames to forcibly disconnect legitimate stations. This is similar to the de-authenticate flood attacks used against 802.11 (WiFi) networks. (Joshua Wright,Dec 12 2006)

To prevent the WiMAX network to be jammed, I will introduce the way that we can prevent the system from denial of service attacks by proposing physical layer security measures by extensive research. I also have to discuss legacy management frames and propose the better alternative that prevents the network to be jammed by the attacker.

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