Apple iPAD & Its Features

Last year has passed introducing a tricky, handy, fun gadget and everyone is busy in exploring thousands of features like calling, SMS, MMS, video making, touch and twist in it. Surely, all the clues are enough to guess what I am talking about. What else it could be instead of an Apple iPAD. It passes one year when Apple was commercializing its upcoming mobile computing technology with the name of Apple iPAD. The Apple iPAD is hybrid technology in which two different technologies are bridging to facilitate the mobile with netbook features and surely it reduces the weight by swapping laptop.

Apple iPAD is not as simple as to say that we can use all the two gadgets’ features in one rather it is versatile and shows exceptional usability of all those features. Let’s see how it is different from its contemporary iPod and iPhone even having all of their applications in it.

The first impression of this gadget comes in the form of its slim and smart look which makes it unique among all its group members. It is lighter in weight as 1.5 pounds and its height is 9.5’’. You will be surprised to read that it width is 0.5’’ which is made possible by making it more compact. This first impression is also of its wide screen which is making the upper part as a full display. This is touch screen Apple iPAD without keyboard as it is made to use by fingers, stylus or even gloves. It can behave either as a naughty device or a dynamic one in which mood you are. The Apple iPAD screen has four orientations to act as you like it to be. This broad display facilitates the video conferencing / chatting, book reading as Apple has subscription on, and all the setting you can do by using this touch screen. The only drawback is in the form of black band which spoil the image display.

Apple iPAD is able to catch WiFi network and has different applications like Google with t searching and mailing features, its own iBook access feature, YouTube, Safari, iPod, iTunes, calendar, contacts book and search engines, etc. All they are enough to meet the internet requirement during travel or at the meeting or presentation time. It can only access the internet with TRRS a jack for using headphone and also Apple is supporting dock connectivity but not equipped with the port to use USB.

It’s time to be more surprised by hearing that Apple iPAD battery is supporting 10 hours’ usage after only one charging. It will facilitate you for 30 days to make sure your accessibility anytime anywhere when mobile is on standby mode.

Apple iPAD has affiliation with App Store to facilitate its user with numbers of free items which are otherwise not possible in simple Wi-Fi. This is an attractive advertising tool to make number of customers as at present 1 million Apple iPAD’s has been sold. This App Store includes Photos, Videos, iPods, home screen and rest are mentioned above in connectivity description.

Together with all the basic dynamic features its entertainment part is also appealing as it has Multimedia player to listen music accessorize with mono speakers supporting volume control through a switch at its tight side. A built in microphone is used to record voice. Wireless headphones can be connected by Bluetooth application. It is preloaded with games as well as support the installation of Apple iPAD enabled games dynamically. Sparing the email and internet use it provides weather and news updates for planning journey.

The netbook features allow you to have full command over office tools as Word, PPT, and Excel to prepare your assignment and use it as a multimedia to give your presentation in staff meeting for the better understanding of the project. It is a handy notebook to take notes on the spot and document holder. In a nutshell, Apple iPAD is an expensive accessory worth to take with.

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