Apple iPAD 2 Features

The Apple iPAD 2 is introduced and as per principle G4 got all the downward compatibility with respect of previous generations like wireless connectivity, camera, high quality reception, good speed with thousands of new applications.

The first impression of Apple iPAD 2 is about its smarter shape and lighter weight. Once holding you will be compelled to admire its appearance and weightlessness. It is 9 and half inches long and 7.3 inches wide. It carries 601 g weight and only 8.8 mm thin. The size of Apple iPAD 2 is reduced by reducing the space between battery and screen. This makes it nearly 33% thinner than the Apple iPAD. It is like a scratch pad in your hand.

Apple iPAD 2 Operating System

The basic feature of Apple iPAD 2 has 4G operating system specifies as iOS 4.3. It is amazingly fast and more efficient than all previous generation. Apple is claiming that iOS 4.3 will revolutionize the concept of mobile. It will seem you like a magician trick to surprise when you touch it or try to open a significant function. You will find no difference between this and a complete PC. It is like 2 in 1 treat to have the features of computer in a mobile. It is obedient and energetic operating system to follow all your commands with high degree of efficiency.

Apple iPAD 2 Chip Based

An important thing about Apple iPAD 2 is it dual core A5 processor. It is chip based technology with extra ordinary speed and graphic orientation as fast as nine times quicker to load picture. Its chip based technology is quite similar to netbook that is also not CD-enabled yet not less than a standard PC. Apple has designed it to find it more compressed and highly accessorized system. Apple has made it customary brand showing excellent result.

Apple iPAD 2 Air Play / Air Print

Apple iPAD 2 is capable of sharing Wi-Fi network of i-series. It is automatically pick up the source through air-play or air-print to play music, video or TV as well as send print command to the network printer to take print of email, photos, or other documents from your Apple iPAD 2. There is just need to locate the air-print or air- play enabled.

Apple iPAD 2 Cameras

Yes, plural because there are two cameras for user interface known as rear and front facing cameras. It facilitates Face Time calls and enhances the user interaction chances. These cameras are with high pixel quality. The still pictures or the videos shoot by this Apple iPAD 2 is quite convincing. Its rear and front facing cameras set a new trend in video conferencing.

Apple iPAD 2 Cover

Apple iPAD 2 has its own especially designed cover made up of either leather or polyurethane outside and inside is furnished with microfiber. The cover is available in variety of range as leather cover is available in basic colors like black, tan, navy blue, red, cream, etc. The polyurethane is available in pink, blue, gray, orange, green. An interesting thing about the cover of this Apple iPAD 2 is it comes in three folds and does the job of stand for this Apple iPAD 2. Enjoy the colors by matching them with your dress or other accessories.


Apple iPAD 2 Switch

There is a switch on the top side of the back of mobile. It plays the role of screen rotation lock or use to mute the system.

Other Features of Apple iPAD 2

There are several other features present in Apple iPAD 2 to facilitate the users with best service.

Multitasking is an efficient way to explore this mobile. With the help of your fingertips you can toggle between any work and do simultaneously.

It also has the facility to make folders. These folder making is quite useful as desired application can be kept in one folder on just one click ahead.

It better facilitates you with an email box which can receive messages from different emails. It also enables file attachment and arrangements of the mails send into relevant folders.

Those who are game lovers should be ready to face them. It supports different online games by tracking path.

Apple iPAD 2 has two carriers AT & T and Verizon.

It has additional features for input and output devices in which a port of 30 pin dock connector, mini jack supports 3.5 mm stereo headphone, original speakers and microphone.

It has storage capacity ranges 16 – 64 GB.

Apple iPAD 2 has a standby time of 10 hours to be remained connected.

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