Android vs Apple

Comparing Android with Apple is like comparing two different species of the same genre. Like plants and animals have so many different species rather uncountable, same type of comparison can be placed between iPhone genres. Android and Apple are two different species of the same category i.e. iPhone. Both are unique in their own characteristics. Both have their peculiarities that can be the reason to be the best choice as per the demand of user. After calling it species of one genre it becomes obvious that comparing the two is very difficult. However, we can see the features and their pluses and minuses to get best according to our need.


  • Both are basically mobile phones and are intended to make and receive calls.
  • Both are enabled to make video call as well. For this skype on iPhone and google talk on Android is available as built in feature.
  • Both support internet to their valued users to server them at best level in business and private use.
  • Both have their app store in which Apple has more than 2 Lac applications and Android has nearly 50,000. Whereas Android has access to those Apple’s app as being an open source so use can access by downloading free or paid applications.



  • The Apple iOS 4.0 is accessorized with personal bookstore, collection of wallpapers and games, camera with zooming feature, options to make folders for easy access, enables multitasking, tethering, etc.
  • iPhone 4 is the thinnest mobile having 960/640-pixel Retina display with A4 processor. It has amazing 5MP camera with flash and is capable of making high definition video.
  • Multitasking feature in Apples is not in built. One must access the app store to download it for the ease of use. This decease the somewhat esteem of Apple in front of multi-taskmaster Android.
  • iOS 4 is not able to act as hot spot. It can tether but not support the Wi-Fi to any other device.
  • Apple 4 lacks a very unique feature from traditional PC as of making folders to keep the data in an organized and easily searchable way. When It comes to Apple, it becomes very difficult to organize number of app downloaded from app store.
  • iOS 4 has an exclusive feature of unified mailbox. User can easily receive mail from different sources to one platform and can be secured by encryption method.


  • The Android Froyo version 2.2 is going to be launched now and then is expected to have the ability of tethering, and multitasking both as well as supporting Flash that Apple is lacking as per its own choice though.
  • Droid Shadow version of Android has the capacity of 16 GB memory. Its processor is called Snapdragon. It has HDMI port. This Droid Shadow with 4.3” display has powerful camera of 8 megapixels.
  • Android support multitasking as user can attend a phone call while checking mails as well as listening music. All the three functions take place independently without hindering the others. This is really useful feature of Android that enhances the sale.
  • As Android is an open source and user can download numbers of applications from app store therefore folders are there to arrange the large volume of data. User can make folders name or rename them and can place them on home screen for easy access.
  • Android Froyo has personal hot spot ability and its WiFi is able to dedicate access to more than eight devices.
  • Android support unified mailbox through app store but even after accessing this feature there are so many check points while processing that one may annoyed to the extent to not to download unified mailbox on Android platform.

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