Android Features

Android is leading among all the latest and the most advanced operating systems. The reason is all those features offered by its update versions one after and other till launches the seventh edition in the market. Android is offering countless features after the first version Android 1.1 launched in 2009.

 The very first version was so welcomes in just 8 months there comes three more versions of Android with more advanced features. Among them are cupcake, Donut and Éclair are the tasty feat give entertainment on the same level.

In the upcoming year in 2010, Froyo and Gingerbird came and had sizzled the market with crispy appetizer for human mind. This appetizer increased the need for more which is fulfilled by the latest version Honeycomb.

As there are total of seven versions has been introduced since 2009 however there are uncountable features present in totality. That is the reason of Android popularity among its users.

  • Marquee Screen

The very first and the instant attention gathering feature of Android is its marquee appearance. You find a large playground to play freely. In simple words the screen is very large and you can go for your personal choice whatever you want on the home screen. Android is giving support to extra large layout and maximum resolution to enhance the visual experience.

  • Texting & Snapping

The way to send and receive SMS and MMS are modified in a way that one can do SMS in a chatting style and can take snap and send it through MMS. Push Messaging service is introduced with the concept of cloud known as C2DM (cloud to device messaging framework).

  • Mobile Cyberspace

Android has made the mobile a wandering cyberspace as different internet technologies among them are GSM that is known as EDGE, IDEN and CDMA are included. Furthermore internet is accessible through Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, EV-DO, etc. as well. This concept of mobile cyberspace has changed the way of living. Now office can be managed from a distant place quite easily and there remains no restriction for a physical office.

  • Browsing World

Google after making its rights reserved has made it open for the users to use it as per their choice. Google is supporting its web browsing capacity through Chrome V8 JavaScript and enhancing the web browsing experience.

  • Unique Multi-tasking Tool

Android phone is not just a phone, it is rather multi-in-one tool. You can use the Android phone as Global Positioning System (GPS), as a camera in which you can take pictures and also can make videos, It is a great gaming tool to work as a jockey. It works as an accelerometer, magnetometers and gyroscopes.

  • Media Support

Android is an amazing big pool to have millions different applications in it. A person can go for an unusual wish to come true with the help Android. Media and Streaming media support are the two more features you can enjoy while having Android. Among various supported media formats are MP3, MPEG-4, HTML progressive, Adobe Flash Streaming and HTTP Dynamic Streaming with the addition of Flash plugin.

  • Video Chat/ VoIP

Android enables the users to make video calls  and this becomes possible for it being an open source as this is not Android inbuilt feature still you can enjoy this in Android.

Another great advantage of Android is its inbuilt applications of gtalk and skype that enables the users to talk through internet with IP.

  • Personal Hotspot

Tethering is an awesome feature that allows Android to work as personal hotspot either wired or wireless after the launching of 2.2 version of Android.