Research Aims & Objectives of WiMAX Security Research

The aim of this research paper is to study about the threats to WiMAX technology and propose the enhancement ideas and techniques to overcome the problems mentioned above in the previous section. This will definitely give me knowledge about how the WiMAX network works and how we can integrate the WiMAX technology with the older version of Wi-Fi. This report will also give benefit to the service providers of the WiMAX technology and help them to maintain the network and also in deployment of the WiMAX technology to make it more secure, robust and give customer more reliable service.

As far as difficulties is concerned about this dissertation I am not saying that it’s easy to make enhancement in this area of WiMAX Technology, but this investigation will definitely give me knowledge and power to face any other challenge comes in my career and studies.

The expected problem in this dissertation would be the research about the solution to the problem of the X.509 certificate for WiMAX Technology or any other proposed certificate for subscriber station to protect the user and network of service provider. In this research I would not be able to meet the people that are directly working in that context and also I personally think that university have not got such type of personnel in the technical department to discuss and exchange ideas about my research. But I am sure I will get the guidance from the faculty and from the research paper supervisor to assist me in this part of challenging task.

The overall aims and objectives of WiMAX Technology research paper are.

  • To gain in-depth knowledge about the WiMAX technology and how its works
  • To understand the problems about the WiMAX technology in maintaining and deployment.
  • To suggest the solutions and the enhancements found during the research.
  • To validate that the new enhancements will provide more security and reliability in the other’s people research and context.
  • To investigate different methods and techniques that compatible to use as a security feature for the WiMAX technology.

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