What is AGPS

AGPS Assisted Global Positioning Service as name interprets the job clearly that it assists the GPS function. It increases the efficiency level of its performance by using time to first fix. As GPS is satellite monitored system to locate the position of an object. It is first of all introduced in GPS enabled cell phones to increase the security level of the users. AGPS assist to locate the phone to inform the emergency department in time.

AGPS is an addition to GPS as it takes support from additional network. This additional network helps GPS to pinpoint the target in a quick manner by getting acute information from the satellites. One can judge the importance of AGPS in bad weather or skyscrapers that cause the signals bounce out where this additional network increases the receiving power of the receiver to capture weak signals even.


Difference Between AGPS & GPS

Here difference between GPS and AGPS becomes prominent as in inclemency and populated area or any other hindrance in receiving of the signals from satellites. To avoid this limitation of GPS it is supported with additional network to catch the satellite’s signals any way. There come very few moments in a day when these signals are locked for consecutive 12 min a standard time to download the atmospheric conditions.

In an assisted system an additional network keeps the record and in case of demand provides the information to the user. This information is considered data used by the users. Assistance comes in two categories to get information. It helps to find out atmospheric conditions. Also assisted device calculate the accurate position.

Assistant network also helps to calculate the pinpoint position through GPS receiver. The assistant network can receive good strength. The working of AGPS is assisted by a data connection like internet to get the required information from AGPS server. Mobiles are now accessorized with AGPS and other networks like hotspot Positioning system. It also helps to divert the use of CPU and programming separate and utilizes separate network. The amount paid by user for the use of assistant network for using GPRS.

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