Advantages of WRAN

Talking about the advantages of WRAN, it is one of the most demanded concern of the wireless broadband companies.  WRAN is one of the latest technologies among the IEEE group with the standard 802.22 for wireless broadband. It is going to use the free frequency bands ever present in the TV spectrum to avoid interference. These are known as white spaces in terminology of technology and are extremely low frequencies. These white spaces left in TV and radio channels were in the eyes of wireless technology brands and internet service providers to be better utilized for the high speed accessibility. Following are the advantages of WRAN:

Increased Range

WRAN is able to cover 100 km area from where it is broadcasted. It is a considerable increase in the range provided by wireless broadband to facilitate its remote users. This range enables most companies to capture far off customers and more prospect opportunities that were previously dormant and in vain. Among these prospect users can be the university campuses, school premises, and business centers to get wireless access.

Increased Speed

WRAN is offering 22 Mbps speed that makes it Super WiFi service. This speed is enough for downloading data, information and graphics at remote places. WRAN is going to be one of the competitors of 3G and 4G mobile services with the help of increased speed at cheap rates.

Future Prospects

As television is broadcasting all over the world and hence the availability of more white spaces is there so the prospects are high and future is bright. People using Super WiFi service from home can manage their business without leaving home even if the business is spread in whole city. WRAN is opening a new era of wireless broadband access to home users as well as commercial and business points to takes maximum benefits by connecting to internet. This can be perceive by the companies like Google and other such companies that are continuously pushing the FCC to get unlicensed use of available white spaces that is nearly done as WRAN has been approved since July 27, 2011 and time is near when internet burst into a giant platform for everyone on earth.

Target Rural/Remote Area

Being operated on low frequency band, WRAN is capable of penetrating through buildings and walls and reached to remote especially rural areas where population is less and white spaces are available due to less TV viewers. In rural areas where limited broadcasting in special hours is conducted there WRAN has more opportunities to provide internet access and connect the to present world.

Cost Effective

WRAN is cost effective as there is no need to install new set up for this technology. It is intended to utilize the available free white spaces in the TV and radio channels. IEEE 802.22 standard is designed to operate on low frequency hence cheap and cost effective on the user pocket. It is therefore FCC has allowed to use this spectrum to make internet access cheap and proves a step forward towards economic development in the under developed areas.


Conventional TV operators and radio broadcasters are fearing interruption while using these white spaces as these vacant channels acts as buffer for both transmissions. However FCC has conducted experiments and research is completed that WRAN is totally harmless for existed services and will act parallel to these channels. FCC is efficient enough to collect a record of used channels by Television companies and radio broadcasting that will facilitate the WRAN to operate precisely on the channels which are in actual free.

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