Advantages of using Fiber Optics Networks

Fiber Optic cable is becoming more popular instead of copper wires. The reason of its popularity is lying in its efficiency and effectiveness. There are so many advantages of using Fiber Optics cables that they are preferred in commercial and business use.

Higher Data Capacity

Fiber Optics cables are larger in bandwidth so have enough capacity to carry large amount of data. At corporate level where daily so many consignments are supposed to deliver online these fiber optic cables are reliable to perform this task as there bandwidth is very suitable for this type of work.


It is better to use the word swiftness for its speed as they are capable of moving within blink of an eye from one point to another. Fiber Optics cables are the carrier of data in the form of light which is the fastest medium for transmission. This enables the data travels in gigabits rate like a flash of light. Time and space is not a barrier in its travel all along the journey from beginning to the end. You send and you receive no time consumption.


Fiber Optic cables are free from boundaries. It means it does matter how remote the data has to send it reaches within seconds. Now remoteness is not a problem for different branches of the same office you can correspond on the same date and time wherever you are.


Fiber Optics cables are good resistors to electric circuit and able to cope with the environmental hindrances and electric flux and still give clear and sharp images and quality voice service. There are no chances of signal dropping or fading in case of any resistance in it travel route.


As copper wires prune to attenuate in case of electrical or environmental hazards, Fiber Optics cables show low attenuate. Even one can offer no loss in case of using Fiber Optics cables because they travel through light medium in a glass tube therefore no or less data loss happens. Data travel in the form of light and so fast that there appear few chances of data loss.


Modality of Fiber Optic cables is another advantage as we can select the cable according to our demand. Our demand varies in case of data amount. There are two types of Fiber Optics cables one is single mode cable thin even than a human hair is cheaper than multimode cable but carry less amount of data as compared to the later one. However both are costly to deploy as compare to copper wire.

Light Guide

A special phrase ‘Light Guide’ is used to talk about Fiber Optic cables as it guides the data in the form of light from start to end. LED and Laser are the most common examples of these Fiber Optics cables.


An important characteristic of Fiber Optics cables is its weight. They are not heavy and are therefore preferably used in aircrafts. Applications with Fiber Optics cables are more efficient and easy to carry and port.

No Hazards

Being not offering any interference with electricity there is no chance of sparking and any other mishap similar to electrical applications. Electrical applications are very dangerous to handle as compared to Fiber Optics.


Saver is the word you can use in either sense for the Fiber Optics cables. They save time, space, money and life. Particularly this characteristic can be attributed to the space saver. Fiber Optics cables are preferred onto copper wires as Fiber Optics cables are capable of carrying different types of data simultaneously in parallel without any interruption. Using Fiber Optics cables instead of so many copper wires is much better.

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