Advantages of Cognitive Radio Networks

Cognitive Radio is miraculously helping technology available to the current increasing numbers of users in this century. It allows constructing a network of radio stations with the combination of cognitive radio nodes hence gives significant boost to the speed and availability of channels for the new secondary wireless networks.

There are two possibilities to access vacant channel. One, CR contact to multiple non CRs transmissions where femtocells get cognitive inspection, erect and then communicate with non CR mobiles. Two, CR networks would like to contact to the network and operate through the cognitive radio network. This type of networking has many advantages and benefits and capable of employing many useful applications for improving the performance of the entire network as the individual parts.

Cognitive radio networks are more feasible as compared to the single cognitive radio.

It improves the capability of spectrum sensing while gaining this characteristics cognitive radio networks offer many more advantages of significant value. The purpose of using cognitive radio is to utilize the spectrum in efficient way. Spectrum sensing is the basic function of cognitive radio networks and gives security with surety that primary channels would not be disturbed.

Spectrum sensing is the worthy action of the cognitive radio network to improve the spectrum effectiveness. CR spectrum sensing methods should be able to get update information about current transmissions running by the primary users and sends information back to the CPU (Central Processing Unit). There in the main system plan of action would be suggested and immediate command is prompted to the Cognitive Radio Network for the next step.

Cognitive radio networks also improve the coverage by relaying technique from one point to the next node. It helps to reduces the power consumption and does not sacrifice performance of the network.