What is 5G Network

5G network is assumed as the perfection level of wireless communication in mobile technology. Cable network is now become the memory of past. Mobiles are not only a communication tool but also serve many other purposes. All the previous wireless technologies are entertaining the ease of telephone and data sharing but 5G is bringing a new touch and making the life real mobile life. The new 5G network is expected to improve the services and applications offered by it.

5G network is very fast and reliable. The concept of handheld devices is going to be revolutionized with the advent of 5G. Now all the services and applications are going to be accessed by single IP as telephony, gaming and many other multimedia applications. As it is not a new thing or gadget in market and there are millions of thousands users all over the world who have experienced the wireless services and till now they are addicted to this wireless technology. It is not easy for them to shrink from using this new 5G network technology. There is only need to make it accessible so that a common man can easily afford the economic packs offered by the companies so that 5G network could hold the authentic place. There is need to win the customer trust to build fair long term relation to make a reliable position in the telecommunication field.

To compete with the preceding wireless technologies in the market 5G network has to offer something reliable something more innovative. All the features like telephony, camera, mp3 player, are coming in new mobile phone models. 4G is providing all these utility in mobile phone. By seeing the features of 4G one can gets a rough idea about what could be a 5g Network offer. There is messenger, photo gallery, and multimedia applications that are also going to be the part of 5G. There would be no difference between a PC and a mobile phone rather both would act vice versa.

5G Network Features

A first remarkable feature of 5G network is the broadband internet in mobile phones that would be possible to provide internet facility in the computer by just connecting the mobile.

Handheld Computer: 

Now computers and mobiles are not separate things. A smallest mobile is equal to a handheld computer. The way it facilitates the user with games, cameras, video n music recorder / player is really remarkable.

Data sharing in 5G network is very easy. It omits the condition of putting both mobile face to face so that data could be shared. But 5G Bluetooth technology removes this condition and data could be transferred if it is shared in the range of 50m.

It is not far away when we see the global mobiles all over the world. A user can move everywhere in the world by holding just 5G mobile network. All the roaming would be exempt from the tariff plans. The rates of the call would not be different area to area.

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