What is 4G Network

With the advent of Wireless technology there opens a new door to the communication standard. 4G is the fourth level of the wireless generation. The implementation and access to the 4G network is still in it development stage. All the giants of mobile industry and tech engineers are busy to research and devise it with full confidence. The specification under consideration is the high speed for the data transfer with online security. 4G Networks will hopefully come into the field with the promises it is making with the customer of speed and security.

4G network or wireless communication is not a new terminology as 1G, 2G & 3G are already in the market and has been used by the people since 1980. All generations have their particular traits to attract the user for its use. 1G is the first complete wireless standard removes the fuss of wiring and per channel 1 user. The lodging of multi user in one channel becomes possible when 2G comes with improved version after a decade (1990) of 1G. 3G revolutionized the concept of internet. 3G is the 21st generation network and is enjoying its privilege. The successor of 3G is now its way of implementation and is known as 4G. The video facility and speed which is introduced by 3G will be the true essence of 4G. It promises all basic features together with high speed.

The ITU has laid down the specifications for the 4G standard and if it will meet the criterion set by International Telecommunications Union then it will recognize because already different improved versions are introduced but nominated as 3.1 – 3.9 G. 4G network is heading towards a new dimension in the field of wireless technology. Its first step is the provision of quality service to its clients. Second point is the refine signals for reliable communication with no fear of data loss.

4G will make sure that the information should be passed along with authentication. An enhanced experience will be provided by the 4G network for audio / visual and other multimedia services. Speculations are that 4G will come up with ultimate speed of 100 megabits per second. It is also specifies on behalf of ITU that will facilitate interactive roaming everywhere. 

Above are the specifications processed by ITU while different technological groups are also placing suggestions as how to improve 4G network. Their first suggestion is the WiMAX privilege as compared to any other wireless protocol. Their second recommendation is the data transfer in packet mode having specific IP. It is hopefully would be the fastest wireless network ever experienced by the users.

A special characteristic given to 4G network is the transmission through antennas which will make it possible to communicate within an organization reliably. A new technology in this response is introduced in the field with the name of special multiplexing in a series form that will be possible between one transmitter and receiver. Antennas are considered as the fastest mode of communication.


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