3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project)

More than two decades back, in 1998, all the telecommunication companies decided to establish a mutual management body and named it as 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The collaboration was done to take a step in converting all the standards in global telecommunication. This required standard specifications with comprehensive reporting to bring quick improvements in 3G networking. In short all the up gradation, improvements and fixing of networking that was done individually now happen after mutual discussion and experimentation.

Instead of knowing the function of this 3GPP organization it’s better to have a look on its agenda;
• Radio frequency would have been expanded to provide better service to multiple users. For this GSM is further improved in the form of GPRS in which data in the form of packets is distributed and another try has been made in to EDGE in which data sending rates are increased.
• In this regard two areas were specially reconsidered in which GSM revolutionized its core networking and to make better the radio frequencies which come under the UTRA zone that covers FDD and TDD.
• It is also considered that IP based transmission would be achieved to give better service in which multimedia is also included.

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