3G Vs 4G

Difference between 3G and 4G

Everyday new development and improvement in mobile technologies is now becoming necessary and fashion as well. People are crazy to have latest mobile with latest technology. 3G has been ruling since previous two decades and now 4G is struggling to either swap or succeed 3G. However, it is said that 4G is the modified form of 3G and for courtesy the term 3.5G is applied to it. The difference between 3G and 4G is quite obvious and anyone who has shifted from 3G to 4G can better tell that 4G is amazingly superior.

The amplest difference between 3G and 4G is the difference of sophistication. Where 3G is loaded with technology caboodle multiple wireless networking supports there 4G comes up with its own network having a clear distinction of accessing internet for 24 Hours.

The essence of 4G technology is its acceleration which differentiates it from 3G. 4G succeeds with the ratio of 2: 20: uplink: downlink. It is 20 times faster than 3G and surely a great attraction for the mobile user to upgrade. 4G is still in its infancy and is need to develop a strong base after getting approval from ITU which is still in process as there are some speculations about the technologies to meet the challenge.

As to improve 3G technology it has come with multiplexing as switching between packet / circuit switching but 4G is accessorized with more sophisticated packet switching technology. Packet switching is a sort of temporary hybrid technology and is sued when there is need. It has more comprehensive and sophisticated nature and adopted from computer technology as it is the core system of processing computer applications. Packet switching has improved the audio visual performance of mobile. Packet switching technology is very dynamic in its performance as it remains passive till there is information to be sent and after receiving the command it prompt the command forward.

The increased Bandwidth makes the mobiles more efficient to send and receive large amount of data in a less time span. The last mile coverage till the loss of signals as it has coverage in many countries is a very useful feature avoids switching from one network to the other not to create propagation delay.

An important distinction of 3G and 4G is the use of wireless service and both have an edge over older technologies. The introduction of LTE and WiMAX has revolutionized the working of internet. It has not only given speed and data transfer capacity but also internet access.

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