What is 3G Data Card

3G / 4G Data cards are used for many purposes. 3G Data card is especially prepared to access web service plus emailing. It is independent internet server as having 3G data card you do not need to subscribe for internet services. All you have while having 3G data card. It is a very useful thing to access internet even if you are not at home. Accessing internet while on the go is not only fun but also necessary as the world is becoming global because of internet. 3G data card is updating you by providing you internet at a very high speed. Its efficiency can be seen as it provides 3.6 Mbps speed.


Advantages of 3G Data Card

There are many advantages of having 3G data cards as it gives you the feeling of freedom to move anywhere. It removes hindrances as home internet system poses like wires, stick to one corner where PC is placed and cut off from rest of the home once start internet session. 3G data cards is a most modern way of accessing internet whether you are using it or not you remain online and can access web anytime. 3G data card is not dependent for the hotspots, Net cafe, just install 3G card in your laptop and you are globally connected to surf internet, email and available for instant chat.


Types of 3G Data Card

There are two different types of 3G data cards

  • USB 3G data card
  • Express/PCMCIA 3G Data card


There are numerous 3G data cards available with different versions bundling scheme as;

  • Pack 1: USB Type MMX 300G Micromax
  • Pack 2: MMX 300G(3)Micromax
  • Pack 3: E 156GHuawei, E 156 Huawei
  • Pack 4: Option 210 Capital (Option), Option 315 Capital (Option)
  • Pack 5: Sim U6T Capital (Simcon), SimU9T Capital (Simcon Express/PCMCIA
  • Pack 6: Option GT Express Capital (Option)
  • Pack 7: SIM Express 7.2 Capital (Simcon)


The second type of 3G data card also presents further different types of Express Cards;

  • Merlin X950D Express Card
  • XU870 Express Card- Merlin
  • Option Globe Trotter Express 7.2
  • Option Globe Trotter Express 7.2 HSUPA
  • Sierra Wireless Air Card 880 E

There are also 3G data cards available as a PC cards;

  • HSDPA 7.2 (Option Globe Trotter)
  • Max 7.2 Ready (OGT)
  • Max HSUPA (OGT)
  • Sierra 875 (Wireless Air Card)
  • Sierra 880 HSUPA (Wireless Air Card)


To use 3G data card, it is very easy to insert in laptop slot and remains connected. It is capable of giving 1.8 Mbps speed. This is very small compact card that can be inserted in Laptop slot. This card can be used on any laptop by just removing it from one laptop and inserted it into other.

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