What is 3D Projector

3D projectors are used to map a three dimensional data into 2-dimension surface. 3D projector is a very useful instrument to help out in the graphic work of scientists, engineers as well as designers. The process of 3D projection is used for making models in computer, with pen on paper of three dimensional objects. To make 3D projection image certain scale is used or a technique of perspective is applied. But scaling and perspective lose their characteristics once it transcribes three dimensions into two dimensions. Usually 3D is considered as model of an object it is also named to projection process in movie making.

Types of 3D Projectors
During transferring 3-dimension data into two dimension plane a sacrifice is made to lose something readily. There are two types of 3D projection with individual pros and cons.

Perspective Projection:
One way to make 3D projection on to a two dimensional plane is perspective. Perspective creates an impression to the eyes as the object to be seen has three dimensions. However, when the measurements are taken it proves otherwise and do not give equal proportional. The three dimensional effects are created by using eye perspective phenomenon.

Orthographic Projection
It is also the process of projecting three dimensional object on to a two dimensional surface. This technique employs true measurements but object does not show depth. Orthographic projection has many different names as per the nature of object demonstration. These are cross-section, plane, elevation and bird’s eye.

Uses of 3D Projectors:
3D projectors are used in variety of fields. It is not restricted to science only rather mathematics and art also employ this technique to give practical demonstration.

 • Engineers project 3D image into two dimensional surfaces as on the graph paper to show the structural demonstration of a building or house. In the process of 3D projection engineers do drafting by measuring three coordination points.
• Second used of 3D projection is in the field of computer graphics. Using the two dimensional surface of computer a 3D projection is made with the help of graphics software. Computer graphics can project environmental scene or 3 Dimensional objects.
• In the fields of science and mathematics3D projectors are used to make model of natural occurrence or demonstrate an equation.
• 3D projectors are very purposeful and demonstrative as to give effect of real life. It can be seen in movies when impression is made as a three dimensional objects are seen while in actual they are made on two dimensional surfaces.

Depth in the presentation of 3D projection is very important and its origin is traced back in 1920. Since now it has been improved radically yet the mechanism is same. To create depth two images are used to place at the same time on the screen which produce the impact of depth and give three dimensional appearances. Glasses that can filter colors or polarity enable the eyes to see the two distinct images. One’s eye is able to see one image and when both eyes coordinate these two images it produces three dimensional effect.

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