What is 2G Mobile Technology

2G Mobile technology revolutionized the concept of mobile uses as compared to 1G. 1st generation used the mobile with analog system only used for the verbal communication. 2G Technology mobiles are now able to do not only verbal communication but also able to send text.

There are 3 different types of 2G mobile technologies based on the system they are designed. Adoption of any one of the technology makes them somewhat different from the other because of the difference in their working method. All these 2G mobile technologies have different properties to facilitate a special feature of a mobile.


FDMA (2G Mobile Technology)

It works like a radio system by separating the frequency into equal spectrum but affecting the quality of voice. FDMA is an analog system still exists in 2G mobile technology with the digital module of 2G in limited area. Instead of frequency division now cellular based technology which divide geographical areas not frequency and improve the service.

  • This technology is first used in 1G mobile as an analog system, introduced in 2G with the increase in its frequency with the help of cellular technology.
  • Able to carry digital transmission but digital transmission is not quality wise as good as in case of analog system.
  • Facilitate with the feature of analogue system by enabling the accessibility of call.


TDMA (2G Mobile Technology)

2G Mobiles uses TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology in some of its models. It actually divides the band into three time-periods. TDMA contains technologies GSM (Global Service Mobile Communication), which is the most common technology, uses widely across the world.

  • It provides roaming in more than 200 countries. This international roaming feature attracts the subscribers to use it for travelling purpose.
  • The most used and the most appreciative feature is that of short messaging service (sms).
  • Use of sim is a prominent feature of GSM. It needs only a sim to start communication at a particular region.
  • IDEN abbreviated for Integrated Digital Enhanced Network, which is TDMA based technology based on GSM, is utilized by Motorola limited to United State and Canada only.
  • D-AMPS (Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System) also known as IS-136 used in America only North and South regions.
  • PCS (Personal Communication System) is used in Japan.

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