What is 1XRTT

CDMA is a cellular technology used in mobiles. It’s up gradation CDMA 200 operates through1xRTT that is radio transmission technology to help in performing wireless functions. Its complete name is CDMA2000 1x RTT. It sometimes refers as 3g1X or IMT-CDMA Multi-carrier or IS-2000. It can be understood as CDMA 2000 first version which has been authorized from International Telecommunication Union (ITU). It implemented IMT-2000 standard. It belongs to the third generation mobile technology completely goes wireless through radio waves.

Code Division Multiple Access imparts extra advantage to the cellular network as it allows number of users to be activated at the same time without interrupting one another. CDMA is capable of sending and receiving data in bits. Previously, mobile technology was not so much advanced and allowed limited numbers of frequencies but with the introduction of radio transmission technology, it becomes possible. It made it possible to activate all the users i the network using individual frequencies without any interruption. Qualcomm introduces CDMA that is the basics of CDMA1x RTT.

CDMA 2000 is a third generation wireless cellular technology that can send and receive voice, data and signal information. 1X RTT is a single carrier radio transmission technology that enables CDMA 2000 to use single frequency equal to 1.25 MHz. It increases the download and upload speed up to 144 Kbps. Being provided extra feature in addition to speed, this technology stands among 3G. It sometimes refers to as 2 1/2 G because of comparatively slow speed than 3G typical cellular technology.


Improvements in 1xRTT:

With the introduction of 1x RTT to CDMA 2000 there were numbers of advantages rendered to it:

  • It enhances the voice experience better than previous 2G cellular system.
  • The reason for the improved efficiency is its pilot signal. It uses frequency to control, equalize and referencing.
  • It allots more channels to the users between fixed and mobile users. In this way number of users remain active and no one swap.
  • There are other additional features like media, link access protocols and enhance data transmission capability that provides it an edge over 2 G cellular network.
  • EVDO: It is also a CDMA 2000 standard and is represented as CDMA 2000 1x Evolution- Data Optimized (1x EV-DO). It is generally written or called as EVDO.

EVDO is introduced after 1x RTT that supports high data transmission capability. It is especially designed to improved audio / video services that were lacking in previous cellular technologies i.e. 1 G and 2G.

1x RTT is using in The United States, Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, Alltel, and U.S. Cellular. Bell Mobility is also a big user of 1x RTT as well as TELUS Mobility in Canada. In Mexico, Iusacell and Unefon.

1x RTT is a specific allocation of channel in the wide spectrum that reduces the interference. It becomes possible after applying special code under which signals are sent and received. It is this characteristic that enables multiple users to be activated at the same time and transmission remains clear. For this property of CDMA 200, it is competing with GSM mobile communication system that is already covering a big part of this world.

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